Monday, August 6, 2012

Reconstruction Of Skin Surgery And Cosmetic

Reconstructive surgery is considered cosmetic and skin as most people would find the source of the elusive skin rejuvenation. Though the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that more than Rp. 93 trillion has been spent in 2006 on a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

The surgeon makes a distinction between reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. The goal of surgical reconstruction in general, improve function and sometimes to keep up appearances after treatment to tumors, accidents, trauma, birth defects or illness. The purpose of cosmetic surgery but it does not involve the function of aesthetics. Cosmetic surgery performed to reshape normal structures of the body to improve appearance and self-esteem of patients.

The word "plastic" is actually a derivative of the word "plastikos" the Greek word for form or shape. The term "plastic" in plastic surgery actually has nothing to do with the plastic but it has a meaning in Greek, which means changing the shape of certain parts of the body.

The skin cosmetic and reconstructive surgery was first performed in Roman times. They have the ability of surgeons to perform procedures such as repairing damaged ears, or the removal of blemishes or scars. Physicians of ancient India using the technique of skin transplantation in early 800 BC.

However, because of the dangers of cosmetic surgery and skin reconstruction surgery is now rarely performed until the 1900's. Cosmetic surgery is usually an elective procedure that is currently not covered by insurance companies. In some cases there are medical reasons for the procedure, as in the case of breast reduction, which is done to relieve back pain.

There is a list of potential reconstruction and composition of skin and cosmetic surgery. If you dream it, it may have been done. Do you want to add the cheeks, chin or jaw and then put on your face. Forehead lift will help to overcome the sagging skin on the forehead, nose functions will help correct breathing problems and nose shape, ear shape very well to fix the ear protrusion, a fold is achieved with an additional lip plump. Having problems on the face or other body parts? Then the reconstruction of skin and cosmetic surgery has found a way to make it better.

No operation can achieve perfection, but modern treatment allows surgeons to achieve improvements in form and function, which may even 10 years ago.

There are two basic types of people looking for the reconstruction of skin and cosmetic surgery. Some inherited disorders such as birthmarks, cleft lip or hand deformities. In addition to seeking the reconstruction due to infections, accidents or illness. Burns, lacerations, growth and aging problems are considered disabled. For example, some adults with drooping eyelids that have skin blocking their field of vision or adults with the asymmetric appearance of paralysis secondary to facial surgery may require balancing. Although improving the appearance, in the long run the ultimate goal is to restore function.

All surgery carries them to the level of risk, but when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon complications are rare and usually minor. Because everyone is different - different in its ability to heal and general health of the pre-surgical reconstruction of the skin and cosmetic surgery are not fully predictable.

Complications can include infection, excessive bleeding or blood clots, bruising, and problems with wound healing as well as difficulties anesthesia. Factors - factors that can increase the risk of complications is smoking, declining health, increased weight, compromised immune system, connective tissue diseases, decreased circulation or poor nutrition.

Cosmetic surgery and skin reconstruction options are now available to more people than ever before. Feel free to explore the possibility of occurring.


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