Monday, August 6, 2012

Ear Lobe Plastic Surgery

Women have been wearing earrings since the days of BC. One of the risk of ear piercing is torn earlobe when the earring attracted by children or snagged on clothing. The risk of tearing of the ear will increase with heavy earrings or earrings the size of the circumference.

Plastic surgery reconstruction of the auricle is often essential to self-esteem of women. Many women like to improve their appearance

with jewelry. Inability to wear jewelry or a short haircut because their embarrassment, caused by defects in the ear is often lowered self-esteem of women and can cause social anxiety disorder. Although plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction is simple and cost effective many women who choose to continue to wear their hair or clip earrings to cover up defects in their ears.

Plastic surgery reconstruction of the auricle is a procedure, which can be used by surgeons to repair a traumatic injury or genetic defect. Although insurance companies generally do not pay for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction, for the case of traumatic or genetic, may be paid. Check with your insurance company to legitimate authority and to determine whether the letter of medical necessity will help you complete the payment operation.

This helix contains no cartilage or bone, but it consists only of skin and fat tissue. This makes the trauma and the repair process becomes easier. Ear trauma can be mild, where the tattered pieces just inside the lobe or severe trauma, which leaves the ears really split in two.

In the case of minor laceration repair can be done as soon as possible. In fact, sometimes the surgeon may leave a little space so that the ear does not have to go back in after piercing heal completely. In the case of a severe laceration, the ears should be completely healed before it can be repaired. Plastic surgeons have several procedural options to fully repair the ear. Unfortunately in the rather severe laceration, scars will be visible after the healing process is complete.

Plastic surgery earlobe reconstruction performed under local anesthesia while the patient is awake. It usually takes an hour or less and the patient can go home the same day. Because this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, the same precautions are not necessary. Usually patients are not allowed to eat or drink for at least 6 hours before surgery, but with a local anesthetic there is no prerequisite regarding food and beverages.

Your doctor may prescribe pain is often mild, but most patients are only using drugs pharmacy. Some patients find an ice pack will reduce pain and swelling in the ear.

During the period of reconstruction after surgery, plastic surgeon will leave the ear open to the air. No pads are used and left to dry ears for several days. Patients may be given an antibiotic ointment applied to the wound twice a day.

Plastic surgery reconstruction of the auricle is simpler and easier than the first. Insurance companies often pay necessary operating expenses due to trauma or genetic defect. Operations will not affect the hearing. Start with your primary care doctor to find a plastic surgeon that will meet your needs.


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