Monday, August 6, 2012

Cases of Skin Disorders That Require Surgery

In everyday practice dermatologist is not uncommon to encounter cases of skin disorders that require surgery for medical purposes and / or cosmetics.

Nevus (mole)
Each person has at least some of the nevus in different parts of the body. However, it is not practical and it is not advisable to remove all of the nevus. Not-uncommon patient request that nevus discarded because of cosmetic reasons.

Indeed, there are no criteria that really absolute
regarding the disposal of nevus. Nevus in children do not have to worry about a malignant cancer. Nevus in adults are encouraged to be discarded (excision) and histopathologic examination, if:
1. There is a change of color
2. Formation of pigment in a circle around the base of nevus.
3. Nevus berkoreng (ulceration)
4. Bled nevus
5. Nevus scab (crust)
6. Nevus and hair loss becomes more slippery surface.

For nevus in a specific place in the body that is often experienced trauma, such as the neck, along the edge of the BH, in the waist, hands and feet in the footprint is better removed (excision) as a preventative measure. Excision is the best way to dispose of nevus.

How wide excision done from the edge of the nevus, there is no unity of opinion, three or four mm is considered to be sufficient. Lesions which are clinically highly suspected the possibility of malignant cancer (melanokarsinoma), excision should be 1.5 cm from the edge of the lesion and subcutaneous it up.

For large nevus that is not clear that the clinical examination of benign and not to arouse suspicion, the discharge is purely cosmetic purpose, the nevus was sliced ​​horizontally and then examined by histopathologic. Precise incisions which produce limit specimen Dermo-epidermal junction can be examined microscopically. The results are very satisfactory way.

There are 3 types of skin hemangioma
1. nevus flammeus (portwine stain),
2. immature angioma (nevus vasculosus, strawberry mark),
3. mature angioma (angioma cavernosum).

Hemangioma is not uncommon in children. Largely disappear or shrink by itself. At a certain type, not berinvolusi hemangioma. This poses a cosmetic problem, especially if there are areas of bare skin. For this type of hemangioma is settled and cause cosmetic problems can be removed by excision.

Xanthelasma palpebrarum contained in the eyelid is the type most frequently encountered xanthomas. Located on the upper eyelid of the bulge is yellow, soft, oval. Not infrequently symmetric, measuring between 2 to 30 mm. Commonly found in middle-aged adults to the top, especially in women. This skin disorder because it is located on the face causing a cosmetic problem.

The best course of treatment is excision. The surrounding skin rash and first locally anesthetized. Then the rash was clamped with tweezers, then cut. Edge of skin wounds were released from the tissue beneath it, and then sewn with silk thread.

Grate upfront and neck, especially when hollowed pose a less appealing. Why all sorts, because the skin disease, infection, involuntary or other things. This cosmetic disorders often cause patients to complain to the doctor to be fixed. With local anesthesia, a hollowed skin can be filled with the surrounding tissue and the scar disappears basin width was refined so that almost no visible

Sometimes because of something diseases, hair on the eyebrows gone. Alismata face without looking like a blank home page without vegetation. Can be used ingredient in cosmetics or tattoo to fix this, but it is not genuine. Therefore, it can be repaired by removing the hair from the head and plant it on the brow area. Initially grown hair is falling out first, after 3 months of the new hair grows up to become bushy eyebrows.

Frequent ear earring hole ripped. This is caused by too heavy earrings or earrings suddenly withdrawn or because of other involuntary. There are various techniques can be performed surgery to reconnect a torn ear lobe. A good way to sew the back edge of the torn ear lobe, with a neat and smooth.

VARISES (prominent veins)
In adults, especially in women who are slightly overweight or because of frequent childbirth, in the leg veins look prominent. Sometimes it is very clearly visible winding. This disrupts the view of cosmetics, especially the legs in addition to the face, neck and hands are the visible part of the body so it takes the eye-catching appearance. For cosmetic purposes veins can be removed to look no further. Performed under local anesthesia a small incision in the skin over the vein and the vein is gradually withdrawn, so that all the veins that stand out and seem to shimmer on the skin look no further.


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